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Food Bank volunteers

Pitching in at the Food Bank

'Stay Involved' Section

Staying Involved


Staff Scholarships


Campus Engagement

Once upon a time, all retirees were UCLA staff. We remember what it means to get a helping hand. So UCLARA annually funds Staff Scholarships to help individuals grow and thrive in their careers.

UCLARA also supports campus causes such as the Emergency Crisis Response Team, Student Technology Campaign and Student Food Closet. 

Advocating for the University

UCLARA’s Campus and Community Relations Committee works with UCLA’s Office of Government and Community Relations department and other campus entities to ensure members are kept informed about current legislation that affects the UC system. Please contact us to learn how to get involved and to offer your feedback or recommendations.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the life of a community and promoting efforts to improve the quality of life for everyone. Forms of civic engagement can include individual volunteerism, organizational involvement and electoral participation. It can be comprised of efforts to directly address an issue or to work with others in a community to solve a problem.

To explore volunteer opportunities, visit the website of the UCLA Volunteer Center

"Civic Engagement and community involvement are core values of our institution, and at a time when volunteer participation is viewed increasingly as a national priority, it is critical for UCLA to be a catalyst for social change and to serve as a leader, inspiring other institutions as well."

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block

Email the Retirees Association at

Or phone the UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center at 310-825-7456

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