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About Board Committees

UCLARA is a volunteer organization. Much of the work is done by standing committees. Each committee is chaired by a Board member, and many are assisted by volunteers. 

Program Committee

This committee plans an annual program of events and activities for the Association, and submits it to the Board of Directors for approval. The chair appoints other members to the committee as needed. The current chair is Michael Heafey. See the committee's work in the Events section.  

Interest Groups Committee

The Association promotes and facilitates the organization of numerous and diverse interest groups that provide an opportunity for social or cultural interaction, community engagement, or education for members and guests. The chair of this committee coordinates interest group activities and venues, and identifies and develops new groups based on membership interest. The chair appoints other members to the committee or coordinators of specific interest groups, as needed. The current chair is Maggie McGinley. See this committee's work on the Interest Groups page. 

Travel Group Committee

This committee plans, organizes and promotes tours and cruises, coordinates with tour companies or travel agencies, and arranges for group activities relevant to these events for members. The chair appoints other members to the committee as needed. The current chair is Dolores Dyer. See current opportunities on the Travel page. 

Newsletter Committee

The chair of this committee is the Executive Editor of the Association’s quarterly Newsletter (Connections). In this capacity the editor is responsible for soliciting and editing articles and photographs for publication, writing articles as needed, and overseeing the technical aspects and other operations needed to publish and distribute the Newsletter on a timely basis. The Executive Editor may appoint an Assistant Editor and other members to the committee as needed. The current editor is Anne Pautler. See recent issues on the Newsletter page. 

Membership Marketing Committee

The Membership Marketing Committee recommends and implements membership development and engagement initiatives, and collaborates with other Board committees, the Emeriti/Retirees Resource Center (ERRC) and other University departments as appropriate to ensure visibility of membership opportunities. The chair appoints other members to the committee as needed. The current chair is John Dahl. 

Campus and Community Relations

This committee is responsible for identifying, developing, or recommending programs or initiatives that will enhance the connectivity and advocacy of the Association with the University, community or civic groups throughout the region. Implementation of such initiatives may require coordination or interaction with other standing or special committees of the Association. The chair appoints other members to the committee as needed. The current chair is Al Aubin. 

Information Technology (IT) Committee

This committee is responsible for the management of the Association's membership management database and related software, the Association's website, and the development of a platform or platforms for social media.  The committee will also monitor the information technology landscape to ensure that the Association remains current in its information technology practices. The chair shall appoint other members to the committee as needed and coordinate recommendations and implementation of initiatives with the ERRC Director. The current chair is John Dahl. 

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for recommending a slate of officers for election by the Board of Directors.The committee’s membership must include four members, at least three of whom are current members of the Board of Directors.  The current chair is the Immediate Past President, Sue Abeles.

Membership Records Committee

The Membership Records Committee is responsible for maintaining current membership records, analyzing membership, and providing reports to the Board. Matters of questionable eligibility for membership in the Association are referred to the Board of Directors for final decision. The chair shall maintain an accurate roster of members and appoint other members to the committee as needed. The current chair is Mary Petersen. 


The Historian shall ensure that accurate archival records of the Association are maintained, attend association programs and special events, and arrange for photographs to document and maintain an historical record of association activities; and research relevant topics as needed. The current Historian is Margaret Johnson.  

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of the President, Vice President/President- Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and two other members of the Board selected by the Treasurer, acting as Chair of the Committee. This committee considers matters meant to enhance financial accountability and transparency, availability of financial resources, and the impact of potential and existing fiscal obligations of the Association. They develop and propose an annual budget to the Board of Directors, evaluate use and replenishment of UCLARA’s reserve fund, and make formal recommendations to the Board of Directors on financial matters for the benefit of the membership. The current Treasurer is Guy Stocks. 

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